Cimmerian Dread

Prince of all Saiyans


Wanotreyx – Prince (Birth)
Vuthal’gra – Cimmerian Dread (Birth)
Seianvrant – Champion of the Clutch (Awarded)


Cimmerian is a large (and ever growing) dual natured dragon, both Umbral and Golden, the black of his scales has an eerie darkness to its sheen like onyx and the gold shines brightly. He is well built, muscular and long

Royalty, Warrior. His profession is his birth-right. He is a high noble of Perscitia’s court superseded only by his Mother in station, though his duties due to his youth are light. He opts to spend the majority of his time learning and training rather than the politics of court.

Determined, Strong Willed, Arrogant and Regal. Are all qualities that ring true for Cimmerian. He has bouts of cruelty towards his enemies and spells of incredibly harshness and an insatiable anger when he feels slighted. He is a firm individual, secure in his traditional world view. However amidst that are great kindlings of honour and loyalty to those who earn his respect and trust. Despite this, he is not one to boast, a dragon of action rather than words.


He was born 60 odd years ago, the only egg to hatch between the coupling of the Queen and missing King, his birth came around the time of the King’s disappearance by a matter of days. Raised in the Queens private quarters as a hatchling and eventually brought into public life of court, all be it quietly.. his servant and mild guardian in his youth was Rashaz, whom he has known all his life as the Queens Herald. Up until his 60th year, his life was as uneventful as you would expect a Princes to be, education, routine, court etiquette and ceremony, his only reprieve was his time alone to train, for he had few other things to do and fewer friends still to idle away time.

With the disappearance of his Sibling egg, he set out secretly with the group of dragons tasked with its retrieval under the guise of a guide to the outside world, keeping his identity secret from all… to be revealed when the time was right..

Cimmerian Dread

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