A blue fae dragon around the size of a small cat.



The Colourshaper – Self appropriated
Champion of the Clutch – Earned through deed

Fae dragons rarely collect titles of any note and most are self appropriated and based on silly things and pranks, so Shay is woefully naive to what such a title means. Especially when his best example in life is ‘master of cheese’ from his uncle. He has recently taken the self gifted title ‘the colourshaper’ in keeping with his skill at illusions.

Occupation: None. Shay, like most fae dragons has spent most of his time cavorting about aimlessly, pulling pranks and telling jokes, reciting silly (and often crude) poetry to giggle at peoples reactions to it.

Disposition: Silly, unless the situation calls for it. Has a habit of trying to break tense situations with random comedy.

Has a Tanuki humanoid form. Taking this shape clears his head somewhat, so he often takes the shape when he needs to actually focus or study. He also finds people take him more seriously in the form so prefers it a lot of the time.


Has a family! A mother and father. Also a cousin, who also has their own parents! No tragic history of woe! Not batman. His parents and not deeead.

Always keeps a stash of candy on his person. Lollipops, hard boiled sweets and chocolate, where he can get it. Rumours of him having a sugar addiction are however, false.



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